Being Scammed

Updated: 10/26/2020
Being Scammed

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  • Sean go out and went to the store and loaded the number worth 5000 pesos.
  • 9:45 amOct. 23, 2020
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  • One day Sean receives text message from an anonymous number...
  • From: 09774631341 Congratulations! You won a 1 million pesos at the Coca Cola Promo. To claim your prize, please load 5000 to this number. Thank you.Ref #: DTI 334556677
  • Is... this... Oh my God..
  • Sean and Monica are both surprised and excited for what they receive.
  • Mommmmmm!!! I won a million peso!! We'e already rich!!!!
  • Oh God!! I can't believe you won!!! We can now paid our rental debt !!
  • He did not know that the man in front of him is a scammer.....
  • People nowadays are easy to fool. Hahahaha! I can smell my money
  • After sometime, the scammer have receive the 5000 worth of load.
  • Haha! Look how greedy the people now. They are foolish about money.
  • From: AutoLoad Max You have receive a 5000 worth of Load..Ref #: DTI 334556677
  • Mom... I have been scammed. I loaded all of my allowance.. It was too late when I realized that I did not join any promo and I am still a minor. Mom, I'm sorry.
  • Wait a minute.. How would I win a million pesoos ifI did not win any promo?
  • Oh no! I can't believe we got scammed..
  • I give him my whole allowance for this month.
  • The End...