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Updated: 1/28/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Olivia had a friend that only she could see. Her best friend was a ghost. Mandy was her name. The two hit it off on Olivia's first day of school, and Mandy was glad that someone could see her.
  • But, others couldn't see Mandy. So, it looked like Olivia was talking to herself. She got teased for this, especially from Alice and Tiffany. Their favorite hobby was bullying Olivia.
  • Unlike Olivia, Mandy wouldn't be pushed around. She was a rebel, and always sought revenge. She would crumple Alice's papers, and float around with Tiffany's books. Olivia felt brave to have Mandy by her side.
  • Mandy noticed that Olivia had a crush for Jonah, a boy in her grade. She sometimes followed him, and he seemed friendly. He was always looking at Olivia, and Olivia did the same.
  • At home, Olivia got on her bed, and made up a little song on her guitar. Mandy loved when Olivia played the guitar, and Olivia was very good. She heard her sing a bit under her breath, and caught one of the words. It was about Jonah.
  • Soon, it was dinner time. Olivia's twin siblings were very loud, and her mom noticed how conflicted she looked. Then, suddenly, Mandy had an idea. She would perform her song at the concert!