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Updated: 2/2/2021
Gen Bio

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  • Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed the foods especially the cakes. I'll have those everyday.
  • Aww Thank you for coming! I'm glad you enjoyed the foods. Maya's store really makes tasty pastries.
  • The pastries really taste so good. I would eat this everyday. Yum yum!
  • Maya's Sweet House
  • Sophia, I don't feel well. I feel like I'm too bloated.
  • OMG! Katniss, what happened to you? You actually gained so much weight. I think you should see a doctor if you don't feel well.
  • One day Katniss attended her friend, Sophia's birthday.
  • Mom my stomach hurts HUHUHU
  • Never give up, Life goes on.
  • She went into pastry stores every single day.
  • Good day doc! My stomach hurts and I feel so bloated. I think I ate too much pastries for the past few months.
  • Well if that's the case I think you should stop or lessen eating pastries or sweets. Too much sugar in our body can cause lots of diseases and can lead to gain weight or obesity. You should watch your food intake all the time. I suggest you try portion control too help you lose weight and avoid other risky diseases.
  • Good day doc!
  • Good Day! How can I help you?
  • After a few months when she attended school her friend Lana noticed that she is getting fatter each day.
  • Mom I have a good news for you
  • I lost weight and I feel a lot better after watching the food that I eat. I think anything that is too much is really bad.
  • That's good! From now on lessen eating sweets and also pastries that contains both sugar and fats. Too much intakes of that can harm you.
  • What is it?
  • Katniss talked to her mom about her situation.
  • Do you want to go to the doctor? Come on I'll go with you let's get you a check up.
  • Katniss and her mom went to a doctor to have a consultation about her situation.
  • Katniss and her mom had a talk and made a plan for the well being of her health.