Exaplosi 1
Updated: 5/8/2020
Exaplosi 1

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  • From a small village on the top of a mountain, lived a woman named Exaplosi, she was the epitome of selfishness and conceitedness.
  • Besides herself, the only slither of love in her heart was for her family. However, she always believed she was invincible and as powerful as the Gods. Consequently, Exaplosi gradually drew farther away from her empathy for her family, and closer to the obsession of craving for power.
  • The absence of power made her only feel a pit of emptiness in her life; to fill this void, she initiated the beginning of infestering rumors and lies throughout the whole village.
  • That Liar!
  • She thinks she can control us!
  • “I heard a rumor,” Explosi whispered, “that the Gods said, I am extraordinary, so they’re going to grant me luxury and power; while the rest of the village will be forced to be my slave and serve me with any wish I command.”
  • “This nonsense of humans begging for power is outrageous! Apollo yelled at Zeus, “something must be done.”
  • Nonetheless, this caused a upbringing of commands and prayers from the village people, pleading the Gods to gift them power and/or strength. Simultaneously, this outburst brought attention to the people above the skies.
  • “I agree, I give you the permission to go handle the problem as you see fits,” Zeus replied.
  • “I am Apollo I will bless you another chance to atone for your mischief of spreading rumors and lies about yourself and other people. However, in the case, you don’t obey then I will retaliate with an intent to harm your village and family; leaving only you to compensate for the loneliness and powerlessness you are left with.”
  • Days passed, Apollo monitored the village to seek the core of the problem. As he searched, he discovered Exaplosi preaching to crowds of people about her power and invincibility. For he only waited till that night to appear to Exaplosi in her dreams.
  • “Okay, I will listen to you, I will stop spreading rumors and lies throughout the village. Now, can you please leave me, so I continue to rest with my thoughts.”
  • Apollo, full of jubilation was on his high-horse; bragging that he had stopped arguments and fights throughout a whole village.
  • “Why are you celebrating,” he asked.
  • “Because, Zeus, I had stopped…”
  • Zeus and Apollo then glanced down at the village from above the skies, they witnessed fighting, arguments, and overall conflict covering the whole village. Apollo became infuriated and swormed down to the village.
  • “No, the fighting and begs have not stopped; they multiplied.”
  • However, soon abrupted, Apollo had been summoned by Zeus.