Exaplosi 2
Updated: 5/8/2020
Exaplosi 2

Storyboard Text

  • Meanwhile, Exaplosi awaked with the memory of what Apollo said to her in her dreams. As she reflected on the conversation;the recurring single thought she was thinking was Apollo only came to her because he was jealous of the fact that she was more powerful and more people were praising her than him. The more she thought about it the more she was convinced that Apollo was lying, and he wouldn’t do anything to harm the village or her family. Therefore, she didn’t stop expanding the amounts of lies and rumors; she only increased them
  • “Please, Apollo, I’m sorry,” Exaplosi said, but it was too late. Apollo began to chant over all of the village.
  • “EXAPLOSI,” he roared over the whole village. “I explicitly told you to cease your spread of lies and rumors, but you defied my rules, in result, I will take action to harm your entire village!.I curse this whole village, except Explosi, for the death of a fatal virus, which will spread through the village like a cancer.”
  • Apollo became infuriated and swormed down to the village.
  • However, her cries for help didn’t change anything, the curse was in place, and soon the village people started to develop a cough and turned palish-green. Instantly, bodies dropped all around Exaplosi. Only a few hours later, everybody in the village was dead, except Exaplosi.
  • Mama,papa,brother please don't die!
  • Witnessing everyone dead she couldn’t take it, so she ran into the forest ...
  • where she wandered upon a cave. Once she entered, she couldn’t escape. She was trapped.
  • In total torment, Exaplosi, self-isolated in the cave, began to starve. As she sat in the cave, dying from starvation, the only thing she was left with was a void of loneliness and powerlessness to lead her to death.