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Updated: 3/17/2020
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mate its a really rally really etc...... goooooood story read it mate please :)

Storyboard Text

  • In the dark ages , all the lands of this planet were ruined.Nothing seemed rightand in hell there were happy things and in heaven therewere bad things.On earth everything was a mess.
  • So Zeus called all the creatures ; unicorns, dragons , mermaids, fairies, yetis, griffins, etc....
  • ,To bring back order, Zeus gave each of the creatures a task but gave 3 most important tasks to the imp, the manticore, and phoenix. They needed to restore the 3 gems of the eye.
  • So each one of them went to the place they needed to go, the phoenix went to the desert, the manticore went to the haunted woods and the imp went to Everest volcano.
  • Once they arrived they found a secret passage a devil giant was guarding . And to get the gems they needed to fight and defeat him.
  • They all defeated the monsters and the gems fell out of the sky. They went back to Zeus and gave him the gems and peace was restored to the earth and all around it . No one ever knew why someone would ever want to destroy life
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