The Other Wes Moore Storyboard- Chapter 7

Updated: 10/8/2021
The Other Wes Moore Storyboard- Chapter 7

Storyboard Description

Chapter 7 of "The Other Wes Moore" is about Wes's journey of trying to get away from the terrible effects that drugs had on his community. So Wes decided to go to Job Corps, which was made to help disadvantaged youth. Over the 7 months that he was there he did well in his GED training, and also did well in his carpentry class. He felt that Job Corps helped him learn new skills, gain confidence, and it made him feel like his life could go in a different direction. Once he got home from Job Corps he was overwhelmed with problems that he felt he had escaped from when he went away, that now were all coming back and were worse. These problems eventually caused him to fall back into his habits of drug dealing. The scene I chose shows the journey that Wes took to Job Corps, what he did while he was there, and it also shows the decisions he made when he got back home. This scene is important to the book because it shows how easy it is to fall back into those bad habits when your under a lot of stress. It also, helps shows how hard it is to get away from the bad influences that are surrounding Wes when he goes back to Baltimore.

Storyboard Text

  • ¨Cheryl, wake up! What the hell is wrong with you?¨
  • Is she doing drugs while pregnant?!
  • .
  • Destination-Job Corps
  • Welcome to Carpentry!
  • I am building a house for my daughter, big enough so that she can get in it
  • What are you building Wes?
  • Alicia wants more money.
  • Cheryl wants more time with the kids and needs more money to take care of them.
  • Mom needs more money too.