CRL assessment

CRL  assessment

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  • Many things had happened in the world but God always cares. God had made a promise to a man named Abraham explaining that he would make his descendants into a great nation, God will bless anyone who blesses Abraham and God. This then meant that the whole universe would benefit from this.
  • Abraham didn't have any descendants but the ones that God did promise Abraham eventually ended up living in slavery in Egypt. Many slaves called for God to do something but God had a plan, a plan to up bring a man called Moses who was led to lead them out of slavery in Egypt.
  • Moses began to lead  the Israelites out of Egypt and to the promised land god had spoken so fondly of. God ordered Moses to use his staff to part the red sea. This allowed the Israelites to escape. Meanwhile the Pharos and his army slowly followed them in to the sea.
  • The Ten Commandments are the first part of God's law system. In essence. The 10 commandments are do not worship anyone other than god, do not create an idol for someone under the earth or the sky, do not misuse gods name, remember that Sabbath day belongs to god, worship your mother and father, do not murder, be faithful in marriage, do not steal, do not murder and do not take that doesn't belong to you.
  • Finally after walking for 40 years, the Israelites arrived at Gods promised land, Only eating quail and manna. but not everything went as planned. Abrahams descendants were supposed to worship an love god but instead when they got to the promised land they started to worship other gods, they called them "idols" in the bible. They did many sinful things and they betrayed gods promise.
  • When arriving at the promised land the Israelites were supposed to only worship god, but instead they started to worship other idols then leading to rebelling god and disobeying god. They started to turn there backs on god and create frustration and tension between them and god.
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