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Updated: 10/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Helen with the king meeting Paris
  • I'm so glad to see you Paris
  • I'm glad to see you to Hellen
  • Hello Paris
  • Hello Hellen
  • There's nothing going on between me and Paris, you need to stop being so overprotective
  • Hellen and the king arguring
  • Hellen I don't know what's going on between Paris and you but it stops now!
  • I still don't believe you Hellen. I still don't care either, you and Paris are no longer to see each other
  • Paris and Hellen meeting in secret
  • Hellen are you sure that this what you want, the whole place could go to war. If this is what you want then go pack your things we're leaving now.
  • Paris you need to get me out of here ok, I love you, the king knows about me and you. Please, we need to run away.
  • The King is suspecting that something is going on between Hellen and Paris, and he is not happy about it
  • The king wakes up and Hellen is gone and so is all of her things
  • Have any of you seen Hellen at all?
  • Well get all the troops and go find her, and if there is someone with her..... KILL HIM!
  • I'm sorry sir but we couldn't find her or Paris
  • The king is mad at Hellen because he knows that Paris and Hellen had been seeing each other the whole time
  • The king has ordered all the troops to go out and find Hellen
  • You all are useless, if you can't find my wife then we're going to war!
  • Hellen wants to run away with Paris, she isn't really happy being with the king so they have decided to run away together
  • The people of Greece are going to war
  • People of Troy, the people of Greece have sent us a gift to make up for all the hardship that they have given us
  • Guards take this beautiful gift to the middle of town!
  • Sense Hellen is gone the King is furious and hes going to do anything he has to do to get her back
  • No none of us had seen Hellen at all today sir
  • Ok we will do our best to find her sir
  • Sense the troops had no luck finding Hellen the king is so mad that he wants to go to war with Greece
  • The people of Troy are completely clueless about what Greece is actually doing. So this isn't just your average gift
  • Yes sir, right away sir