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Updated: 2/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Zinc
  • Zinc (Zn) Hi , my name is zinc. I am a transition metal located in group 12 of periodic table. I am the first metal in my group. 
  • Who I like to meet?
  • All metal in my group have the same properties like me. Iron is a similar element to me. There are many elements I would like to meet. For example, I would like to meet magnesium. If I had a chance to meet Magnesium, we would have an ionic bond since I am a metal and Magnesium is a non metal.
  • Who I have to avoid?
  • I would avoid noble gases however because these elements don't react with other elements like me. this is because their outer electronic shell is full.
  • Brass
  • Brass is a malleable alloy made when I meet with copper (Cu) through a metallic bond. It is a type of bonding between atoms that is a result of the attraction force between the valence electrons and the atoms.
  • Chemical Formula of Brass
  • When I meet with Copper to form Brass, my chemical formula will be Cu3Zn2 and my color will turn to a muted yellow color, somewhat similar to gold.
  • General Properties of Brass & Intermolecular Attraction
  • Brass is a good conductor of heat and electricity.
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