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  • Exposition
  • I send you on a quest to kill Medusa....do you accept?
  • Yes, my majesty.
  • Seal Perseus and Danae as they pose a threat to me!
  • Rising Action #1
  • BOOM
  • I'm so sorry Perseus, for this is happening to you.
  • Googoo Ga ga!
  • Don't cry Perseus
  • Rising Action #2
  • What if I die, there is no way I can beat Medusa and the gorgons.
  • Perseus and Danae are sealed by Perseus' grandfather, and arrive to an island where a wicked king wants to marry Danae. He sends Perseus on a quest to kill Medusa, and bring back her head.
  • Rising Action #3
  • Thank you! This means a lot. I may have a chance now
  • Where is Medusa?
  • The gods gave you there weapons for your treacherous quest.
  • Perseus and Danae get sealed by Perseus' grandfather, their seal arrives on an island. People give Perseus and Danae a home.
  • Climax
  • I'll give it back if you tell me where Medusa is
  • Give us our eye back!
  • Fine...
  • A wicked king on the island wants to marry Danae, so he sends Perseus on a quest to kill Medusa and bring back her head, while he will marry Danae. Perseus ventures on a quest, sooner or later he feels scared and worried if he dies to the furious gorgon Medusa, until he hears a mysterious voice.
  • Falling Action Resolution
  • I'll kill you Medusa!
  • Mercury appears and gives Perseus powerful armor and weapons. Perseus' courage comes back up. Mercury gives the coordinates on where Perseus can find the three sisters who know where Medusa is.
  • The people who know Medusa are the three sisters which are at a cave. Here is there coordinates.
  • Perseus goes to where the three sisters are to steal their one and only eye. He hides in a bush while one of the three sisters drop the eye then he steals it. He asked the sisters where is Medusa, they told him where Medusa lives, while he gives their eye back.
  • Resolution-Perseus arrives to Medusa's cave, while Medusa and the three gorgons were sleeping. He used Minerva's shield, and the crooked sword and sliced through Medusa's head. He took Medusa's head and ran out the cave. Conclusion- After Perseus returns from his quest he goes back to the castle where the king asked for Medusa's head. He realizes that his mom his in captive by the king. When he gives the head to the king he dies, because he turned to stone from the head.
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