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Updated: 3/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Chandragupta Maurya's rule was harsh, but it was successful in some ways. He created a strong central government and wrote laws. He made sure farmers had water for their crops.Whenever necessary, Chandragupta Maurya used force to keep his empire strong. He was deeply afraid of enemies and used his powerful army, a network of spies, and torture methods to keep his subjects in line.
  • Ashoka's Rule
  • After one very brutal battle, he made his decision to reject violence and find a more peaceful way to rule.Ashoka decided to embrace Buddhism and supported the Buddhist values of love, peace, and nonviolence. As a Buddhist, he respected all living things.
  • Peace and Love.
  • Ashoka wanted a strong, united empire guided by Buddhist values. To spread those values to his people, he had edicts carved into walls, rocks, and tall pillars throughout the empire, in places where the greatest number of people could see them.Ashoka's edicts were designed to promote four main goals:Buddhist ValuesGeneral Welfare JusticeSecurity
  • Ashoka's Edicts