beowulf cartoon
Updated: 6/22/2020
beowulf cartoon
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Storyboard Description

a cartoon depicting grendel's point of view in epic 4 of beowulf.

Storyboard Text

  • I'll get that one over there sitting next! These foolish men have not learned, will they ever?
  • "Knew at once that nowhere on earthHad he met a man whose hands were harder;His mind was flooded with fear—but nothingCould take his talons and himself from that tightHard grip. Grendel’s one thought was to runFrom Beowulf, flee back to his marsh and hide"
  • I am the Great Grendel! I can not be caught! What is this blasphemy!
  • "The monster’s hatred rose higher,But his power had gone. He twisted in pain,And the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulderSnapped, muscle and bone splitAnd broke."
  • My days are over and because of this man?! I should rule over these men!
  • I can not believe this fiend just removed my arm!
  • I should rule those men! How could I be defeated by such a terrifying man.
  • "Deep in murky darkness his miserableEnd, as hell opened to receive him."
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