Weathering and Erosion

Updated: 10/27/2020
Weathering and Erosion

Storyboard Text

  • There are two types of weathering, mechanical, and chemical, and the strongest agent of them all is water.
  • As you can see, water is breaking down the rocks in the ocean, causing them to weather away, eventually into sediment, and then it will erode, and then be deposited somewhere else. what is being shown is a form of mechanical weathering.
  • The waterfall that is shown behind me is picking up, and breaking down rocks, causing those rocks to weather away, this is a form of mechanical weathering.
  • The glacier that I'm standing on has once eroded many pieces of sediment on land, which is one way that sediment gets eroded away.
  • The sand dunes behind me are build ups of sediment that have been carried from around the world by wind and the sediment is just mostly made up of weathered rocks.
  • The coast line below me is being weathered away by the constant bombarding of the waves, exposing the roots of the trees that have also been weathering the rocks below them.
  • Many rivers like the Colorado River have eroded rock for millions of years and because this river stretches' for miles, It shows everything that we've talked about in this comic.
  • First, the river weathers away rock in one constant direction, then, it erodes it to a lake, or the ocean, and finally, it deposits the sediment, into wherever it ends up.