Updated: 6/14/2020

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

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  • Hi welcome to my factory where we burn fossil fuels that aren’t reusable and harm the air around us!
  • Hi welcome to my wind farm where we get almost the same amount of energy as burning fossil fuels without being harmful to the air around us. Sadly fossil fuels are still being burned ALOT and is causing big damage to the atmosphere.
  • This is an electric car. They can be used and don’t discharge harmful gas into the air. Sadly, people use gas powered cars that are harming the air emensely. But, electric cars are becoming more available and widespread :)
  • Burning fossil fuels creates a chemical called Co2. This is very harmful to the atmosphere and is known as a greenhouse gas. These greenhouse gases not only make the atmosphere toxic, but they contribute to global warming.
  • We can help our atmosphere by finding better and safer ways to produce energy and transport ourselves. Hydro dams are one way we can do it and there is many more all we have to do is put the work into developing easier ways to do this.