Ghost of the Lagoon Plot Diagram

Ghost of the Lagoon Plot Diagram
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"Ghost of the Lagoon" is a short story about a boy and a monster in Bora Bora. Mako must master his fear and push himself to the limits if he is to survive. This tale is filled with vivid imagery and rich language that you and your students are sure to love.

Ghost of the Lagoon

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Ghost of the Lagoon Plot Diagram

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  • One night, Mako's grandfather tells him of a creature that inhabits the lagoon near the village. This creature, Tupa, has frightened the villagers for many years. King Opu Nui has offered a reward for Tupa’s capture.
  • Mako’s mother believes it is time for Mako to learn the truth. His father was one of the fishermen who was killed by the shark, Tupa. He vows to kill the shark to avenge his father and to claim the reward.
  • Mako's mother sends him on an errand. Mako and his dog, Afa, travel to a nearby island to pick some bananas and oranges. Mako imagines the reef as a great white shark, and dreams of defeating Tupa.
  • Mako sees Tupa’s dorsal fin circling the canoe. Afa falls into the water and is in danger! Mako kills the shark with his spear.
  • Mako ties the shark's tail to the boat and tows it behind him. He brings the shark back home.
  • The villagers are thrilled that Mako has defeated Tupa. Mako will be awarded thirty acres of land and a canoe after a celebration feast the next day.
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