Plot Diagram for Out of My Mind

Plot Diagram for Out of My Mind
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Melody is a brilliant girl with an almost photographic memory. She has amazing thoughts and ideas, but she’s never shared them with anyone. In fact, she’s never spoken a word. Melody lives with cerebral palsy, and people don’t realize that she is gifted, because she can’t control her body. She’s never been able to communicate, and she is extremely frustrated. When her school starts using an inclusion model, Melody is given the opportunity to be around “normal” kids. With the help of her neighbor, Ms. Valencia, who believes Melody can do amazing things, her new aid, Catherine, and a computerized speaking device, Melody finally finds her voice. She surprises everyone with how much intelligence hides inside her afflicted body.

Out of My Mind

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Out of My Mind Plot Diagram / Summary

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  • Melody is a very intelligent eleven year-old girl. She is wheelchair-bound because her cerebral palsy makes it difficult for her to control her muscles. Melody is also unable to speak. Her parents and Mrs. V take care of her.
  • No more flights!
  • Melody enters an inclusion classroom. She gets the chance to interact with "normal" kids. Not all teachers and students welcome her into the school or treat her well.
  • Melody joins the the school's quiz team. She becomes the best on the team, despite what Mr. D and other students thought at first.
  • The Whiz Kids plan to travel to a national competition. When Melody arrives at the airport with her mother, flights have been cancelled because of bad weather. The other team members took an earlier flight & never called her. The quiz team loses without Melody.
  • When Melody is going to school, Penny runs out because she loves riding in the car. Her mother hits Penny. Melody tried to warn her mother, but could not communicate. Melody fears Penny will also get brain damage and end up like her.
  • While Penny does get injured, she is fine. When Melody goes to school, the other students on the quiz team give Melody the plastic 9th-place trophy. Melody breaks it and leaves the inclusion classroom.
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