Social Story - Sarah on the Bus

Social Story - Sarah on the Bus
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Introduction to Social Stories

Introduction to Social Stories

By Sherry Pardy, Natasha Lupiani, and Anna Warfield

Four-year-old Sarah loved school and wanted so badly to ride the bus to kindergarten. That summer, in anticipation of school starting, she would excitedly ask about taking the bus to school. The first day of school arrived, as did the bus, right on time. Sarah froze with fear on her front steps, unprepared for the loud noise of the engine, the flashing lights, and how to engage the kids already on the bus.

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Storyboard Description

Social Stories Autism - Social Stories are a great way to illustrate difficult social situations | Social Stories Autism | Social Story | Storyboard Examples

Storyboard Text

  • The doors are about to open.
  • Good morning! My name is Sarah!
  • Hi Sarah, I'm Mr. Dent. Climb aboard!
  • Where do I sit? Oh, there is an empty seat!
  • Hi Sarah, I'm Greg, and this is Dave.
  • Hi, I'm Sarah!
  • Good to meet you!
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