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Hercules Myth Lesson Plan

The Twelve Labors of Hercules

Lesson Plans by Anna Warfield

Herakles, known more commonly by the Latinized name Hercules, is one of the greatest heroes - ever! We get the word "Herculean" in English, meaning "requiring enormous effort", from the story of Hercules, who had superhuman strength and accomplished twelve seemingly impossible tasks.

Greek Mythology: The 12 Labors of Hercules

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Heracles story

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  • Zeus had an affair with Alcmene and Herakles was born. Hera was jealous and tried to kill Herakles with two serpents. Herakles strangled the snakes in his crib.
  • Hera hated Herakles. Later in life, she made Herakles go mad and he killed his family.
  • In order to atone for this sin, Herakles had to complete tasks for Eurystheus. Eurystheus assigned him impossible tasks to try and get Herakles killed.
  • Herakles completed the 12 Labors with strength, guile, and help from the gods. The Labors brought him all over the world and he defeated many foes.
  • Herakles was cleansed of the murder of his family. He won the hand of Deianeira after wrestling with a river god.
  • When Herakles died, he went to live with the gods on Mount Olympos.
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