i have no idea why this exists XD
Updated: 5/21/2020
i have no idea why this exists XD
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  • Guest Starring OUR PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (who did embarrass us on set while we made this)
  • Written by Tres Finnegan, Chang Lin, Maximillian Holt, Zee Cohen
  • Edited by Jillian Sladek, Jameson Sladek
  • Starring Jameson Sladek, Zee Cohen, Floyd Cohen, Tres Finnegan, Jillian Sladek, Kenneth Sladek, Chang Lin, Maximillian Holt
  • How Parents Embarrass You
  • Filmed by Avery Norris
  • Produced and Directed by Kenneth Sladek
  • Makeup/Cosmetics by Krisstina Finnegan
  • 4 Oh, how time flies. How's he doing in school now?
  • Chang's mom
  • They seem to speak for you/brags about your achievements
  • 7 I feel your pain.
  • 6 He's getting all As.
  • 1 What grade will you be in next year, Floyd?
  • 3 He'll be in 9th grade next year.
  • 2 Oh, I-
  • 5 I'm getti-
  • Zee and Floyd's mom
  • 1 ...Wow. Were your kids so perfect when they were little, too?
  • Says embarrassing things about you to their friends
  • 2 Oh, not at all. Jameson wasn't fully potty-trained until he was 5, Kenneth couldn't talk until he was 3 and a half, and Jillian was a real crybaby.
  • Maximillian's mom
  • 3 MOM!
  • 4 Oh my God.
  • 5 Are you serious?
  • Our (Jameson, Jillain, and Kenneth's) mom
  • You should not be embarrassed.
  • "The Dad" (Girls know what we're talking about)
  • 2 Daddy, please, stop it.
  • 3 I came here to get my Science notebook I left here a while ago.
  • 1 ...Do you understand me? I will not have my daughter be with-
  • Zee and Floyd's dad
  • The Nicknames (but it really depends on what the kid thinks about it. Because it could be as innocent as this-)
  • 1 'Bye, sweetie.
  • (-and be considered embarrassing by the kid)
  • 2 Aw, Mom! Don't call me that!
  • The Andersons. They just adopted Tres and Krisstina
  • 1 Now, parents seem to take joy in embarrassing us, but, they do a lot to help us succeed. We should probably appreciate our parents more and "be nice" to them once in a while. But it's also fun to annoy them, so...maybe not!
  • 2 Anyways, hope you liked the comic. And, as always, stay safe, stay healthy, and don't forget to suggest ideas for comics. Until next time!
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