Updated: 1/9/2021

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  • 1 Well...good game, everyone.
  • 2 "Good game?" Jae, we lost! To East Bridge. That's embarrassing.
  • 7 Yeah..,my face'll be fine. It's my arm I'm worried about. The nurse bandaged my arm up pretty well, though. But it really hurts.
  • Derek
  • Kane
  • 5 Yeah. Jameson had the ball, he coulda taken it to overtime, but Jamal just intentionally pushed him on the ground, just so the kids that played for Westwood Middle school's basketball team last year would lose. What a scumbag.
  • 3 Hey, it wasn't our fault.
  • 6 Are you okay? Your face is still bleeding...
  • 4 Yeah, blame Jamal.
  • 2 Honestly, though. Our rivalry had led to some pretty cool memories.
  • 1 I'm sorry about that, guys. Look. Our middle schools had/have a rivalry. But we're all together now. In the same high school. He needs to get over it.
  • 3 Yeah! Remember when Jameson. D'Angelo, and Zee captured Dale's mascot, and you wore cleats to our home game and scratched up the gym floor?
  • 4 Yeah. That was my proudest moment.
  • 5 Derek! Kane! Come on, what're you doing talking to them? Let's go.
  • 3 So touching.
  • 1 My favorite was when Tres and Floyd came to the game with that message painted on his jersey.
  • 2 Awww...Derek, I'm your favorite?
  • 4 My favorite had to be that guy...Jakob. When he filled our lockers with paint and ruined all our stuff. I mean, of course, none of us thought it was funny at the time, but-
  • 5 Whatever. See you later, losers.
  • 3 Oh, hope your ain't hurt, Sladek. I don't need you ruining my relationship with Zee.
  • 1 Alright, see you Monday for practice.
  • 2 Later.
  • 4 Well, Zee doesn't need to be in a relationship with you. She deserves better, you ass.
  • 2 Yeah, I agree. You said it still hurts, you coulda broke it. The gym floor is the hardest surface in the universe.
  • 4 Mmm hmm. I mean, of course you aren't wrong.
  • 5 Yeah, dude. I can text your mom if you want telling her what happened, and that you need to go to the ER...
  • 1 You should go to the ER for that arm, Jameson.
  • 6 You know, there's only one good thing about Jamal breaking Jameson's arm.
  • 3 Really? You agree with me, Floyd?
  • 7 What's good about this? It really hurts!
  • 4 Your mom would be a life saver!
  • 1 You realize your mom's gonna kill him, right?
  • 3 Hey...that's true.
  • 2 She would, wouldn't she?
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