A7-Language Development (Autumn Keele)

A7-Language Development (Autumn Keele)
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Storyboard Text

  • A Day In The Life With A Toddler
  • Good Morning!
  • Good morning, buddy! Ready for the day? We are going to make brush teeth, make breakfast, and play!
  • Yay! I am ready for the day!
  • Getting Ready for the Day
  • Okay, time to brush our teeth! Brush, brush, brush them clean!
  • Brush, brush, brush! I'm doing it mommy!
  • Making Breakfast
  • Okay buddy! What would you like for breakfast? Can you tell me?
  • I want eggs! Eggs are yummy. And yogurt! Please mommy?
  • Time to Eat!
  • Carter, I know you are frustrated but you still need to try and eat or be done eating. No need to tell at momma during breakfast, please.
  • I didn't want cheese on them! I am done with breakfast.
  • Time for Chores
  • Are you ready to help me with laundry? I'll hand you the wet clothes and you put them in the dryer!
  • Yes mommy, I can do that! I'm a good helper!
  • Playtime!
  • I want to play with blocks! Can you help me build?
  • Yes! I can help you. Do you want to build a tower?
  • Time to Clean Up!
  • Carter, I know it isn't fun to clean up but that's what we have to do when we get toys out.
  • But I don't want to clean up...cleaning up is boring!
  • Getting Fresh Air
  • Mommy, I am having so much fun swinging!
  • Good! I enjoy swinging with you.
  • Settling Down After a Busy Day
  • Come see what mom and Carter are up to today, and learn some about language skills and development along the way!
  • Carter wakes up and joins his mom in his room. They discuss what they are doing to do today. It is important to talk to kids about what is coming up in the day.
  • Mom and Carter head to the bathroom to brush teeth and get ready for the day. Using words and making it fun to say encourages children to repeat them.
  • Mommy and Carter head into the kitchen to make breakfast. Mommy asks Carter what he wants, so he can be allowed to speak up and ask for what he is wanting to eat.
  • Carter got his eggs and yogurt he asked for but got frustrated that mom added cheese to the eggs. Letting Carter be frustrated is fine, but it is important to not let him yell at the table.
  • Carter is helping mom with the laundry before playtime.
  • After breakfast and some chores, mom and Carter head to the playroom for some playtime with blocks. Using lots of language during open play is a wonderful way to expand a child's language.
  • Carter gets upset because it is time to clean up the playroom, before they head outside for some fresh air.
  • After finally getting the playroom cleaned up, mom and Carter head outside for some fresh air and playtime outside before heading in for some lunch and a nap.
  • It has been a busy day so far for mommy and Carter, and now they will eat some lunch and have a nap. The day was full of good conversations, some hiccups but they were overcame by conversations, which are vital for language development.
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