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The Shipman's Tale
Updated: 10/2/2019
The Shipman's Tale
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  • The Shipman's Tale
  • The Merchant- A wealthy man- Dedicated business man- More in love with his work than he his with his wife- In debt because of his wife's spending
  • The Merchant's Wife- Married to the Merchant- Classic example of a gold digger- Very beautiful
  • The Monk (John)- A young monk named John is great friends with the Merchant that he is considered family to him. - 30 years old and handsome- He is very amicable - In love with the Merchant's wife
  • I'm going to invite the monk over to stay with us for a few days.
  • Dear John, It would be my pleasure to have you over at my home for a couple days before you embark on your journey to Burges. Talk soon brother.Sincerely,The Merchant
  • It's so good to see you!
  • The Monk stayed for a couple days and on the last day...
  • He went to pray in the garden where he saw the Merchant's wife.
  • The Merchant's wife complained about their marriage problems to the Monk.
  • May I please borrow $500?
  • Only in exchange for sex the next time I see you
  • The Monk decided to go ask the Merchant for a loan after letting his wife borrow money.
  • May I borrow $500 from you sir?
  • Thank you for having me over.
  • Goodbye, safe travels
  • The Monk stayed in Burges for a while.
  • When the Monk arrived back from the trip, the Merchant's wife held up her end of the deal
  • Here is $500
  • He gave the money he borrowed from her husband to her.
  • I gave the money I owe you to your wife, hope you don't mind.
  • Honey, may I have the money the Monk owes me?
  • I should be able to keep the money.
  • Ethos: (Ethics) Chaucer uses ethics with The wife; she is not a very ethical/moral person because she basically steals her husbands money and cheats on him. 
  • Pathos: (emotional appeal) Chaucer shows pathos when the wife is crying and upset over her debt she owes to her husband;it puts her in a new perspective and makes us feel bad for her
  • Themes: Chaucer uses modern themes (sex) by adding sexual elements in his stories, this tale in particular had quite a lot of it mentioned, sex was not seen in literature at the time so it was very bold of him.
  • Themes: Chaucer uses modern themes (women empowerment) by making it so the woman wins in the end for once (she got her money and sex) which was VERY taboo at the time. Women were considered second class citizens so it was unheard of for women to be the victors in literature, etc.
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