Ulysses storyboard
Updated: 12/19/2020
Ulysses storyboard

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  • The Birth of Ulysses
  • NO not my son
  • Preparation
  • I'll kill you
  • do not eat the flowers men they will make you forget home
  • Quest 1
  • Come eat my flowers
  • The symbolic birth of Ulysses goes as follows to avoid going to the trojan war he pretended to be insane however this plan failed because the drafting people threw his son in front of a plow and Ulysses saved his son then he was drafted.
  • Quest 2
  • Oddly enough the preparation for Ulysses was actually the trojan war which he had the idea for the trojan horse. Ulysses fought many battles not knowing that this was just preparation for something much bigger.
  • Ultimate battle
  • After being detained for almost 10 years by many goddesses Ulysses discovered an island of lotus-eaters which were people that ate a strange lotus. Some of his men ate the lotus and the plant tricked its mind to want to never leave.
  • Triumphant Return
  • Im finally home
  • Ulysses and his men across the sea are running out of food so they stop by a nearby island which funnily enough was inhabited by cyclops that try to eat them. Ulysses and his men escape the island using Ulysses's wits and they are almost home.
  • die cyclops
  • Ironically enough Ulysses' final battle would be in his own home since all the men on the island thought Ulysses was dead (including his wife)everyone tried to marry his wife for the throne. Ulysses and with help of his son were able to kill all the men that were trying to marry his wife.
  • Give me back my wife
  • Give me back my mother
  • After the defeat of the suitors, the great Ulysses was finally able to claim his place on the throne once again however the thing that mattered to him the most were that he was home with his wife and son
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