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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • The school received a letter informing them that the authorities would visit after a month to conduct a review and assessment. Classes were turned down for a meeting with the whole school administration right after the first period. They conducted a thorough cleaning of the entire institution. After some time, the teaching staff and student body was divided into four working groups.
  • Falling Action
  • The main group, which included Mrs. Divinagracia and several teachers, was sent to the kitchen to prepare the cuisine for the incoming guests. The task of setting up the meal utensils was assigned to the second meeting. The third group's task was to organize the spaces with an eye on the classroom enhancements. The fourth group's mission was finally to remove every ugly protest from the area. The remaining members of the staff were given their own separate errands as well.
  • Resolution
  • What can you say about it?
  • Around 1:30 p.m. the day of the evaluation, the administrator's automobile drove through the city on its way to Pugad Lawin. Every single official made sure they were ready to receive them. luxuriously dressed, with men wearing barong and ladies wearing clothing in the primary's round colors of red, white, or blue. The new English instructor and Ms. Noel met. He gave her an explanation of Mr. Ampil's death's circumstances.
  • Denoument
  • The festival started with a show from the schoolboys playing a vivified interpretation of Cheerful Widow Afterwards, the chief pushed a move party between the visitors and teachers where he made utilization of lovely faces to support the visitors. The appearance turns out well and the visitors left to join a celebration alongside the flawless female educators.
  • To find out what Ms. Noel thinks of the appearance, Mr. Sawit follows her to the kitchen. She was within her rights and was acting legally when she questioned whether or not anything had been created. She claimed that if the appearance was announced a month in advance, the movement's goal would be defeated and the institution would have a time to correct its shortcomings. Despite the possibility that it would be absurd, Mr. Sawit asserted that the existing state of affairs did not call for outside intervention. Ms. Noel decides against giving up and is devoted to mentoring the understudy because their future depends on it.
  • In the end, they took a group photo for the journal, and Ms. Noel, who was running late, hastened to claim her place on the bottom rung of the school hierarchy.
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