Updated: 2/9/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, I had previously worked part time as kindergarten teacher's aid and had also cared for children with mental and physical disabilities during my high school years.
  • So Cindy, do you have any past experience?
  • Cindy was given a pre-employment medical examination for her family doctor to complete. He confirmed that she could meet the requirement of being able to lift patients.
  • At a second meeting, the interviewer reviewed the completed medical form and noticed Cindy's hand.
  • During the initial interview, the assistant administrator had not observed her left hand, on which the index, middle and ring fingers were much shorter than those on most hands
  • Following this, the interviewer and another nursing director spent much time discussing Cindy's disability and the job requirements.
  • Even though they both wanted really wanted to hire Cindy.
  • I assure you, I can perform the duties and I had done similar task in my previous job with children with disabilities .
  • I am sorry Cindy, but we can't hire you because we don't think you would be able to cope with the gripping or clasping that is needed to lift patients.
  • Okay, it was great meeting you.
  • I am sorry Cindy, we can't hire you