Updated: 3/15/2021

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  • Brother:Carlos
  • I left Venezuela a long time ago, but before all of that a lot happened in the progress.
  • Me: Ana
  • My parents
  • Sister: Amanda
  • He already lived alone and made his own money. My parents were proud of him for being so independent, even though none of them knew were he got that money from.
  • Since little my sister and I grew up with a nanny. My parents where always flying because of business, and my brother was already a grown up.
  • When my parents were aware of where my brother was getting his money, it was already too late to stop him. He already had gotten into a lot of trouble, but my parents decide it to keep it from my sister and I.
  • What are they talking about?
  • Even though my parents worked really hard on not letting us know. Because we were kind of a well-known family in the city it spread around without my sister having a clue. My sister-friends already knew and thought my sister knew so they started talking about it, and asking her.
  • Amanda did you know your brother is in Jail? How did he get there? etc...
  • After my sister's friends left, my sister went and asked my parents. They were ready for something like this to happen so they sat us down and explained to us what had happened.
  • Your brother started to gather with the wrong crowd of people and got in trouble for it. (I can't really go into detail)