CST Discrimination Religion
Updated: 5/27/2021
CST  Discrimination Religion

Storyboard Text

  • Hello Sir why are you crying?
  • I will go and talk to the mean person who interviewed you
  • I cannot get a job, because I am disabled.
  • You cannot be mean to people because of their disabilities. It goes against a lot of the CSTs!
  • What are the CSTs?
  • Hello sir are you here for a job? I can see that you are not disabled so I will treat you kindly.
  • CST stands for "Catholic Social Teachings"
  • Some of the ones that discriminating against disabled people goes against are:
  • Dignity of the Human Person - Disabled people deserve to be respected and treated with dignity, just like anyone else
  • Solidarity - We need to stand with our fellow humans when they are in times of need, such as unemployment
  • The Common Good- It makes the world a worse place when disabled people are discriminated against
  • I am very sorry. I resolve to show more respect to disabled people and consider them the same for employment.
  • Hello welcome to my home. I have heard that you have some news for me?
  • Yes I have very good news, the man at the company has agreed to hire you! He says that he is sorry for discriminating against you.
  • Oh my god! Now I can escape poverty! Thank you kind man for getting me a job.