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  • Westward Expansion
  • Hey John can you please explain to me why Napoleon was willing to make the Louisiana purchase deal?
  • Well, George Napoleon wanted to make the deal because he was about to fight another war. I don't know if you know, but wars do cost a lot of money. Another reason was that Napoleon lost Haiti, he sold his land because his chances of having a western empire were disappearing. Napoleon decided to sell all of it.
  • Wait, What even was the Louisiana purchase deal?
  • Well, George, that is a great question. The Louisiana purchase deal is when Napoleon sold 15 million acres for 500 million acres. He sold it for 3-4 cents an acre.
  • Well, George, Jefferson was the first president who used inherent powers. Being able to expand the border is one inherent power of the president. He was the first president to use this inherent power after the deal.
  • John, How did the Louisiana Purchase deal set a precedent for the use of president inherent powers?
  • John, How did Lewis and Clark document their findings?
  • George, they were pretty smart on the way they did it. Lewis and Clark used painting, maps, and journals. They used native Americans leaders to guide them through it, for example (Sacagawea). Sacagawea was a native American woman who assisted Lewis and Clark.
  • What did Lewis and Clark do?
  • Lewis and Clark traveled 8100 miles to get through America, to find the Northwest Passage
  • The Northwest ordinance sets the rules about admitting northwest territories into the union. They need 60,000 in population in order to apply for statehood
  • What is the Northwest Ordinance?
  • What were the terms of the Missouri Compromise?
  • Missouri was a slave state, Maine was a free state. Anything above the line is a free state and anything below the line is a slave state.
  • George, they had so many territories, therefore they had to find a solution to all of the new land they gained. They had to have a plan to see which states would come out as a slave state and which state would come out as a free state.
  • John, why did the Louisiana purchase deal result in needing a compromise?
  • John, what is the main political reason for this compromise? I really don't get it.
  • George, it's easy look. The main political reason is the representation of the state. They need to keep a balance in Congress for the power with the free and slave states, meaning Northern and Southern states.
  • George, this happened because The mexicans needed more settlers since they had so much land. The Mexicans believed that if they invited people it will help them because c it will reduce invasions. It was a mistake. The Americans took advantage.
  • John, How did Mexican independence result in Americans moving to Texas?
  • John,Why did the northwest ordinance survive the demise of the rest of the AOC?
  • George, it's very easy. It was the only part of the AOC that was effective. It states the rules on how to admit new territories into the union.
  • Stephen Austin is the father of Texas named Austin, Texas after him and he Brought the first 300 American families to Texas.
  • Who is Stephen Austin?
  • Who is Sam Houston?
  • Sam Houston is a leader of the revolution Battle of the Alamo. Houston is named after him.
  • 182-237 Texians were inside the Alamo held out against approximately. 1500 Mexican troops led by General Santa Ana for 13 days, eventually Texians lose, almost all of them are killed. Even though they lost it still inspired them to fight more wars which later made them defeat Santa Ana
  • Why is the battle of the Alamo so famous?
  • John, What was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution?
  • The battle of San Jacinto, in which they defeated Santa Ana.
  • Lone Star State, because at one point Texas was its own country.
  • What is Texas’s moniker?
  • How did it take so long for Texas to enter the Union?
  • They wanted to enter as a slave state, but until there was a pro-southern president, Texas didn’t join the Union. They were independent for 9 years
  • Manifest Destiny is the Right for the U.S. to be from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. It is God-given and inevitable.
  • What is Manifest Destiny?
  • What is the Texas Annexation?
  • In 1845 the U.S. added the state of Texas to the United States.
  • President Polk claims the Mexicans invaded the US after he sent troops down to Mexico, so the Mexicans follow them into American territory. He then asked Congress for a declaration of war because Mexico invaded.
  • What was the Mexican-American war?
  • What happened before the outbreak of the war?
  • Pol tried to negotiate a $25 million deal with Mexico to buy California and New Mexico, but Mexican public opinion is against it and Mexico is angry over U.S. annexation of Texas.
  • California was under Populated, an American, Captain John Fremont, lead a revolt to declare independence from Mexico in 1845, Mexico never recognized California’s independence. It was the breakaway state, breaking away from Mexico. Pretty cool right!
  • John, what was the bear flag republic?
  • John, sorry for all these questions but, what were the terms of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
  • It Ends the Mexican-American war. The U.S. pays Mexico $15 million and forgives approximately $3 million in Mexican debt, and in return, U.S. gets Mexican Cession. Mexican session is California, Nevada, Utah, Parts of New Mexico, parts of Arizona, parts of Colorado, and, Wyoming. The U.S. promises to grant full citizenship to Mexicans living in Mexican Cession.
  • It is an Agreement to set the boundary between the United States and Canada at the 49th west of the Rocky Mountains, going around Vancouver Island and then through the Strait of San Juan de Fuca. Treaty between the US and UK where we get the NW corner of the country and creates the 49th parallel. It gets us Washington state, Oregon Idaho and parts of Montana and Wyoming.
  • What were the terms of the Oregon Treaty of 1846?
  • What were the terms of the Gadsden Purchase of 1854?
  • The Gadsden Purchase was an agreement between the United States and Mexico in which the United States agreed to pay Mexico $10 million for a 29,670 square mile portion of Mexico that later became part of Arizona and New Mexico. We got the remaining parts of Arizona that we didn’t get before.
  • Well, George, we did get the rest of the continental United States!
  • But, John why are these even important?
  • Gold was randomly discovered on 1848 on an American river at Sutter mill. Over a year many people came to California because they believed that they were going to be rich. They were wrong. First miners went to find gold, but then the entrepreneurs went to build stores that sold things that were extremely necessary for the miners. The problem with the miners is they got gold fever. People spent all their time looking for Gold. This caused them to lose their families, they would find gold spend all of it and have no money left.
  • What was the Gold Rush?
  • The entrepreneurs did since the miners would spend all their money.
  • So who profited from the gold rush?
  • By 1849, California was ready to enter the Union (population had exploded as a result of the Gold Rush) as a free state, they would upset the balance between free & slave states. Need another compromise to take into account land gotten from Mexican Cession. Compromise has 5 parts: CA enters as a free state Utah & NM decide if they will enter as a free or slave state based on popular sovereignty (vote to decide the issue) - these territories are likely to vote free since they are not suited For large scale agriculture.
  • What was the compromise of 1850 and what happens?
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