Amigo Brothers Themes

Updated: 3/29/2019
Amigo Brothers Themes
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Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas

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The short story, "Amigo Brothers" by Piri Thomas, is about two boys who have grown up together and are such great friends that they feel like brothers. Set in New York City, but heavily influenced by Puerto Rican culture, the story describes the two boys’ love of boxing. For both, boxing has been a way to escape the negative influences that frequently beset young men in the inner city.

Amigo Brothers

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Amigo Brothers Themes

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  • Okay. You watch yourself too, sabe?
  • Watch yourself, Felix. I hear there's some pretty heavy dudes up in the Bronx.
  • Felix and Antonio's friendship is based on years of trust and support of each other. Antonio and Felix don't let competition or personal gain get in the way of their friendship.
  • Antonio and Felix rise to the top through hard work. They work out every chance they get, either going to Boys Club or the pro gym, running, or practicing their jabs on the street.
  • Felix and Antonio respect each other as boxers. They do not trash talk each other, and they try to follow all the referee's commands. For them, love of the sport is more important than winning.