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Updated: 5/19/2020
English Storyboard
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  • Hello, I am Brooke Lobley, and this is Gen Z,the program where we tell you about amazing products that would interest today’s teenagers.Today we are talking about Rubik’s Cubes. The Rubik’s Cube, as you can see from this cube I am holding, is a colourful cube puzzle game that was created in 1974. It immediately gained popularity because it a great boredom buster and attracts younger kids because of its bright colour sand fun idea. It is fun to play and good for fidgeters, so kids love it.To solve it, you have to line up the coloured squares so that the six colours are all on their side of the cube.
  • It is still a popular puzzle today and there are many different kinds of cubes. People have started creating competitions around the game and they spend hours trying to solve it. Erno Rubik from Hungary was the person who had the idea, therefore the cube was named after him. To make it you have to out liquid plastic into cube molds to set and the assemble them around as spring spacer then they are labelled with coloured polypropylene material. The game is easy to find and is a reasonable price, around $20. The target audience for the product is middle school kids. So, we thought we need to bring one of them in to judge the product themselves.We have 13-year-old Lily from the local college here to tell us her opinion on the product. Lily, can you tell us what you think about the Rubik’s Cube?
  • I LOVE my Rubik’s cube! It is so much fun to play with. When I first got it, I would spend hours trying to solve it. My parents don’t mind because I wasn’t on my phone. I think it is very addicting because, I mean once you have it, you want the satisfaction of solving it. I think every teenager should have one.
  • Thank you Lily. We have some more kids to tell us one word that they think describes the Rubik’s Cube.
  • Fun!
  • Amazing.
  • One word? OK. It is addicting.
  • Cool.
  • Well, there you have it! The children of today approve. That is all we have time for, but you can get your cube at your local Target, Kmart, Big W or Officeworks today!
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