Medical- Customer Journey Map

Medical- Customer Journey Map
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Customer Journey Mapping

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Customer Journey Maps are narrative stories of your users that allow you to see how a customer may have a need for your product, how they would come across your product, and how your product can benefit them. Creating these maps lets us realize where we may have flaws or gaps in our marketing strategy or use case scenarios. Having a real and relatable customer story allows us to come up with the most logical solutions for our problems.

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Storyboard Text

  • Customer Experiences Their Issue
  • I have been having this issue lately.
  • Customer Explains Issue to Professional
  • I have this problem do you think you can help? 
  • Professional Offers Potential Solution
  • Yes! I have a product that may be a solution for you.
  • Customer Tries Potential Solution
  • Okay, let's give this product a try.
  • Customer Sees Benefit of New Product
  • Wow! This product is really working!
  • Customer's Life Improves
  • I feel much better, my issue is totally resolved!
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