Immigrant option 3
Updated: 4/1/2021
Immigrant option 3

Storyboard Text

  • Hello welcome to my Immigrant policies here you will see polices from 1700's,1800's,1900's, and 2000's
  • Please there is no shelter for us over there please help us
  • When there was war happening in Europe the US did not allow Europeans inside the country
  • Get out of here and go back to Europe
  • Please let me in I want more opportunities so that I can feed my family in China
  • You shall not pass through the country and you are not eligible
  • Sorry sorry
  • Racism was a big thing after the World War 1
  • Uhh! Leave our country
  • But there is a huge war happening in out Country and we have no shelter for our children
  • Sorry but you cannot enter the country for 90 days
  • Thank you for watching my Immigrant project hope you like it. Some of my thought are that there were some bad and good things in these like most of this is the bad stuff but then one of the good ones that I did not mention was they made a law where no immigrant child could work and I think mostly everyone hated the immigrants during the 1700,1800 and sometimes 1900 .