Unknown Story
Updated: 2/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I am Mr. HenryCamberley, a theatrical promoter and this is my friend, Mr Sebastian.
  • No, although I devisedthe magic lantern effects.
  • Did you wrote the play?
  • The play deserves a multinational performance tour. I'll give you 5o% take.
  • Okay, It's settled then.
  • Only if you and your author friend comes to the Baker Shop tomorrow.
  • The footprints at the crime scene he could tell that of the two men in the room, one was very tall: this was Mr. Vernet. The other had a limp, and from the skill which he eviscerated the prince, must have been a doctor.
  • They went home and grab a cab.
  • Arrest anyone who tries to leave the building after entering as they wait forMr Vernet to arrive.
  • We will keep an eye.
  • A boy arrives bringing a letter to Lestrade.
  • Who gave this to you?
  • A tall man, dark-haired, and smoked a pipe.
  • Letter
  • It was confirmed! Vernet and his friend killed the prince! So they told the police to close the ports and trains to prevent them from leaving the country