Updated: 9/9/2021

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  • Then they crate the Scientific Method...
  • Make onservations
  • Analize Data
  • Repeat Experiment
  • Gather Data
  • Draw Conclusions After Intrepreting Data
  • Share Results with Other Scientists
  • Define a Hypothesis
  • Reserch
  • is based on the inductive method by which general conclusions are drawn to something in particular; its explanation is based on Natural sciences.
  • Now let´s talk about empiricists, which is denying the existence of innate ideas and refused any knowledge that could not be correlated with experience
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  • for example, birds have feathers, and therefore, penguins are birds.
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  • Now Rationalism, this is based on the deductive method, by means of which conclusions are drawn based on something general.
  • During this time there were great philosophical discussions facing empiricism to rationalism.
  • It is important to mention that caused a change in the way people organized in the communities: the monarchy disappears, and republics are created with constitutions, which give all human beings the rights or individual rights.