Latin stuff
Updated: 12/16/2019
Latin stuff
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  • 6)my first duty in the morning is to help my ex slaves with some things 7) I call them my clients and they call me patronus
  • 2) i am caecilius and i am wearing a toga, tunica, and shoes 3) And i am matella and i am wearing a stola and a shawl i am also wearing makeup and in the morning my slaves style my hair to the latest style
  • some things i do in a day is 1. put on my long cloths 2.have my hair done 3. i eat breakfast 4. I then teach my daughter thingsn5. then i might read 6. then eat dinner 1) things caecilius would 1. he would wake up and put on his cloths 2. his ex slaves would come greate him and he would give them money if they needed in tern they would walk with him 2. eat breakfast 3. go to his banker stall then work then eat lunch work then come home for cena
  • 5)hi we are normal romans and we eat bread and water for breakfast
  • 8) hi i would have my banker stall at the marketplace 9) and after this i would eat meat or fish followed by fruit 10) after i finish lunch sleep and go to the baths i would eat cena the most important meal of the day
  • 11) some fact about the dining room is that we ate sitting down and never really moved there were three chairs so this room was called the triclinium 12) the main course we eat is usually rabbit
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