The Story of Arachne and Athena
Updated: 11/20/2020
The Story of Arachne and Athena

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  • The Story of Arachne and Athenaby: Jasmine H. Agripa
  • Arachne was a gifted weaver. Her tapestries were admired by people all over the world. She would weave day and night. Her skill was truly a work of art, and people paid large amounts of money for her creations.
  • One day an old lady come to see Arachne because she started to brag and become boastful of her talents.  “You are a talented weaver, Arachne, but you are a foolish girl. You should ask Athena for forgiveness,” the old lady said becoming angry.
  • The old woman filled with rage and in the blink of an eye, transformed back into the magnificent goddess—Athena. Arachne, for she seemed unimpressed by Athena’s presence. “You think you are better than I, Arachne? Well, let the competition begin,” Athena proclaimed.
  •  How dare you make fun of the gods!” Athena said. She magically altered Arachne. Arachne began to shrink until her body was a small black bead. She sprouted eight legs and grew black hair. Arachne became the world’s first spider. “Now you will be able to weave all day long,” Athena said proudly.