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Telemakos new baby sister
Updated: 10/15/2020
Telemakos new baby sister
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  • Of course I want to come back!
  • Come, Telemakos. You’ve finished your task for the emperor. Will you come home with me now?
  • Why is everyone acting so weird?
  • Look, there he is...
  • “Oh, that my child should be so misused, my only child—It feels like vengeance, a justice against me—” He gave another agonized sob. “God forgive us both.”Medraut was talking. Medraut was speaking aloud, in conversation, awake.“Come, Telemakos,” he said. “You’ve finished your task for the emperor. Will you come home with me now?” He hesitated, searching for words so long untried. “Put your lion away, and let us all go home, and I shall read to you from your Telemakia.”It had all been worth this.
  • Sweetheart, I am pregnant! You‘re having a sister!
  • I can‘t believe it! I‘m so happy!
  • Telemakos went with Medraut to their house, when Turunesh saw them she was very happy. Telemakos noticed his parents acting weird. He didn't care, he thought it was because we was back with them.
  • Sorry your majesty but i can‘t continue being your spy because my mom is having a baby, sorry.
  • It is ok Telemakos don‘t worry! Please congratulate your mother!
  • He wanted to distract himself so he went to the town and when people saw him they started whispering and talking like if they knew something Telemakos didn't. He was so confused and went to ask his parents.
  • Telemakos went to his parents and asked, "Is there something you have to tell me?" "No! What are you talking about?" said Medraut. Then Turunesh said the truth... "You are having a baby sister" Telemakos was so happy, but he had to do something.
  • With the news Telemakos knew he couldn't be the emperors spy anymore, he needed to help his mother. He went to Gebre Meskal and told him that his mom was pregnant. He was surprised but happy for Turunesh at the same time. He told Telemakos it was ok and wanted to go and see the baby when she is born.
  • The day came... Telemakos had to wait lots of hours to meet his new little sister. He didn't wanted to wait, until he saw his mother with something small in her hands. THE BABY! Telemakos and Medraut where looking at the new member of the family. Even Gebre Meskal was there. They had all a great time!
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