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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/31/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Your going to do great sweetie!!
  • I am a little nervous...
  • Hi class welcome to first grade.
  • Camille? Come with me.
  • Hi Camille! We are going to work on some reading skills
  • Why can't I read with everyone else?
  • Your just a little behind your reading level
  • Your other school taught you differently
  • Why
  • We are going to work together ALL year....
  • How was school?
  • They told me I cant read like everyone else
  • It okay sweetie, we are going to continue to read everynight
  • It is going to come in time, we are just going to keep practicing
  • Camille you know what time it is!
  • Can you read this
  • Not quite....
  • T---h---e ccc-aa-
  • Wasn't the new book today so cool
  • Yeah and I moved up a reading level!
  • A few months later.....
  • I'm coming!
  • You are definitely improving on you reading!
  • I still want you to be able to read an ENTIRE book on your owen
  • Thank you
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  • The hospital one! You love that one!
  • I want to read the Curious George one
  • Yep! Keep going
  • This.. is..George...He.. lived.. with..his.. friend..
  • You read the whole book cover to cover!!! Im so proud of you.
  • I love this book! the hospital seems so cool
  • .....The end
  • What if I became a nurse just like from Curious George
  • Sweetie if you can read an ENTIRE book you can do whatever you want
  • Mom could I become a nurse?
  • 12 years later....
  • I am so excited to major in nursing! I would not have gotten here with out you mom!
  • You had it in you the whole time!
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