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Columbian Exchange Comic Strip (Pumpkin)
Updated: 9/26/2020
Columbian Exchange Comic Strip (Pumpkin)
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  • At this point my blood type is pumpkin spice.
  • That so cool! What is that?
  • Hey, look at what I found!
  • Um what are they doing with my brother!!?
  • Ouch this hurts...
  • I'm cooking the pumpkins because we haven't ate for a while.
  • what are you doing?
  • The title of my story.
  • Yes! Now I can go back to the Europe.
  • Pumpkin seeds.
  • This looks really good!
  • I was born in the Ancient Americans. I was pretty much alone till the Native Americans found me.
  • Yes, it does! Should we eat?
  • I was first used by the Native Americans. They would roast me in strips over a campfire, so they can eat me.
  • Wow this looks so cool!! We should go to this house next.
  • Yeahhh! Let's go!!
  • Christopher Columbus took my seeds back to Europe to feed the pigs.
  • When I arrived at the new house, they liked me and thought I was important to them. I was a food source for the pilgrims. And they used me for pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.
  • Eventually, the Americas changed me a little. Which is... I'm Jack-o-lantern now! They use me for Halloween and you can make different faces on me. And a lot of people like to use me during October.
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