Ransom of the Red Chief.
Updated: 2/10/2021
Ransom of the Red Chief.

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  • Aw, Snake-EyeI wanted to play the Black Scout
  • Mr Bill will play with you. What game is it?
  • As Sam was about to leave, Johnny came up to him and told him that he wanted to play the Black Scout and didn't want to play the Red Indian.
  • Where is Bill? Where is Johnny? Where are they?
  • Sam said that Mr. Bill (Bill Driscoll) would play with the boy and asked him what game it was. To which the boy replied it was the game of Black Scout.
  • I suppose you think I'm a traitor but I sent Johnny back home.
  • Sam walked over to Poplar Cove and sat around the post office and heard one whiskerando say that Summit was upset on account of Dorset's boy having been lost or stolen. That was exactly what he wanted to hear.
  • When Sam came back to the cave, Bill and the boy were not to be found anywhere. He explored the vicinity of the cave, but there was no response. He could not find Bill nor the young boy. So he wondered where they went.
  • Bill claimed that he was so tired of the boy so he had sent him home, but Sam saw Johnny standing just 8 feet behind him and asked him if he had heart disease in his family to which Bill replied with a no.
  • Bill was shocked to see Johnny standing just behind him and started to pluck aimlessly at the grass and the little sticks. Sam was scared for Bill, he was afraid he would lose his mind.