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The Monkey's Paw
Updated: 10/16/2020
The Monkey's Paw
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Storyboard about the story - The Monkey's Paw

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  • It was a rainy, cold night at the White's household. They sat by the fire waiting for a guest, Sergeant - Major Morris.
  • Sergeant - Major Morris tells stories about his life in India. Mr. White asks him about the money's paw. The sergeant tells the story. The Whites find out there are 3 people who get 3 wishes. The sergeant is done with his wishes. He throws the monkey's paw into the fire, but the Whites retrieve it. They ask if they can have it. The Sergeant says yes, but warns of consequences.
  • Mr White makes a wish, something "sensible." He asks for 200 pounds. After he makes the wish, the three of them sit there waiting. Not knowing how the money would come...a package on his bed, maybe it will fall from the sky. After a bit, they feel foolish.
  • Later in the day there was a man at the gate. This man had news for the Whites , sad news. Their son had been hurt at work. Actually, killed. This man offers them compensation, 200 pounds. There is a scream and both parents end up on the floor - devastated..
  • The Whites bury their son. With heavy hearts they continue with their lives though they are alive but not living fully, and no talking. Ten days later...
  • In the middle of the night, Mr. White wakes up to his wife crying. Then a shriek. She tells her husband to wish on the monkey's paw to bring back to life her son. The husband refuses saying he was so damaged. But in the end, he does it. Soon after this is a knock at the door then more knocks. The wife goes down to unlock the door, as she is unlocking the final lock the husband grabs the monkey's paw and wishes "it" to go way. The door opens...and no one is there.
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