Julia. 1984

Updated: 5/12/2020
Julia. 1984

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  • Julia slips this to Winston (hiding)
  • Julia in 1984 Orson Wells
  • "I love you"
  • Ministery of Truth
  • O'Brien?
  • I hate Big Brother, I love you more because you have been with a lot of men. I want to destroy them
  • In the countryside
  • I had several sex encounter with multiple man. That is my way of reveal against control
  • She does not share with me the way to defeat Big Brother
  • Your are only a rebellious from the waist down.
  • Store
  • I just want to be free with my body and my way of living.
  • Big Brother
  • Julia entered Winston life (main character in 1984) when she felt and he helped her, she slips a note in his hand. (O'Brien worked in the Inner Party and he worked in the Ministery of truth)
  • It was a Telescreen behind the picture
  • Big Brother
  • You betrayed Big Brother, you were sick. Now you are sane. We save you!
  • They met in the countryside and made love for the first time. She did not share any of Winston's Ideas about revolution, she only wants to be free to do whatever she wants. She was 26 years old and worked for the Ministery of truth.
  • Room 101
  • I am lost! All is Winston fault! Big Brother is my saver!
  • In front of the store where they had a room for their sex encounters. They felt always that someone was looking at them even when in the room was not telescreen.
  • I betray you, I was wrong.
  • I betray you too.
  • Big Brother saved me.
  • They were arrested by the though Police and the owner of the store was part of it (spy)
  • In the though Police O'Brien interrogated Julia and used her worst fears to succumb her will.
  • A long time after their capture Julia met with Winston for a few moments. She lost her interest in sex and happiness. Now she was sane.
  • "I love Big Brother"