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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/11/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Shad:Hi Earthlings I Shad come from the Planet Area 98.
  • Xanba: The Sun is nothing to My star he is as big Jupiter and a Blue White super giant is as big as the Moon haaaa
  • I came for peace and quiet !!!!!!!
  • Saturn the outer planet is so peaceful than my planet. Saturn and others outer planet are gasess
  • Oh sorry am a very sorry. what are inner planets
  • The sun is a star, and the 8 planets orbit around the sun.The blue stars are the biggest and hottest, the yellows are medium size stars , and the reds are the coolest and smallest of all.
  • The Sun"s planets are in two groups the inner planets and the outer planets.The first inner planet is Mercury ,and the last is Mars. the rest are Venus and Earth of the inner planets.
  • The outer planets are the gas giants Jupiter, Saturn ,Uranus, and Neptune.The biggest of them all is Jupiter,but Saturn's core has rocks and ice.The core is the size of Earth!
  • Just like the planets orbit the Sun the moons orbit the 8 planets. Mercury has none and so does Venus. But Earth has 1 moon and Mars has the most moons of the Inner Planets 2 moons.
  • While the 8 Planets orbit the sun also dwarf planets and comets also orbit the sun but it takes like 286 years to orbit the whole sun on a comet! Halley"s Comet came 1986 soon it will come in 2061.
  • Stars are hot ball of gas, that give of light to planets. Blue stars when they blow up they can turn into a Neblas. The next hottest type is the white stars.And Star"s core are hotter than they are on the surface.
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