Frederick Douglass
Updated: 3/14/2021
Frederick Douglass

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  • The life of Fredrick Douglass
  • Frederick Douglass was born sometime in the 1800´s and was forced into slavery to work on a plantation in Maryland. He never met his father and would occasionally see his mother in secret since they were separated when Douglass was younger.
  • When Douglass was around 7 years of age, he moved to Baltimore to work for a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Auld.
  • Douglass´s life at the Auld´s was much better than he had expected. Mrs. Auld had never owned any slaves before, so she treated Douglass as an equal. On the other hand Mr. Auld was very serious and stern.
  • Mrs. Auld wanted to know if Frederick knew how to read. When he responded with no Mrs. Auld wanted to help him and teach him. This changed Frederick Douglass´s life forever
  • I will teach you!
  • Do you know how to read?
  • No ma´am.
  • One afternoon Mrs. Auld was helping Frederick practice reading when Mr. Auld saw them.
  • I´m teaching this child how to read.
  • Slaves shouldn´t be able to know how to read!
  • What do you think you´re doing!