Moon Phases Comic Strip
Updated: 5/24/2020
Moon Phases Comic Strip
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  • Hi, Walter. I’m getting ready to blast off to the Moon! Mum never lets me have any cheese so I’m going to the Moon. Oh, and you wanna hear a fact about the Moon?
  • The Moon right now is called a New Moon Cheese!
  • Okay, sure.
  • Gotta rush, rush, rush. All around. Oh hey, Walter, I couldn’t blast off last night so I’m going today! You know, I actually learnt something at school.’
  • The Moon now is a Waxing Crescent Cheese! It's like that because someone took a big bite I think.
  • Yeah?
  • Mum isn’t letting me go up to the Moon!
  • Thanks Walter! I’ll tell you a secret. That up there, is the First Quarter Cheese!
  • I'll help you, Archie.
  • Hi, Leah. Thanks. Hey, did you know that the Moon now is a Waxing Gibbous Cheese?
  • I can’t believe I’m not allowed to go to the Moon no matter what Walter says!
  • Really, Archie? I’ll have a word with her.
  • How could she?! But on the bright side, I learnt that the Cheese Moon right now is called the Full Moon Cheese!
  • Mum says no. So you can’t Archie. Sorry. I really tried.
  • I’m thinking about the Waning Gibbous Cheese and whether someone took a smaller bite?
  • I tried again Archie and this time she said that she would think about it. So maybe, maybe not.
  • Maybe!
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