Updated: 8/31/2021

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  • Micheal and Lizabeth got into a huge argument about not having enough money to pay their rent for this month, Micheal got super frustrated and punched the closest object next to him. It was picture of Lizabeth's dead mom, there are no other copies of the photo so she's really upset about it. She thinks this situation is really familiar, when she destroyed Miss Lottie's marigolds, she felt guilty at this moment.
  • "Is that you Miss Lottie" You said, " Long time no see its been a while since I last saw you... Do you remember me by any chance?" Lizabeth said "Hello darling" She said " I'm surprised you even noticed me, I do remember you honey you're Lizabeth! How could I forget the one that destroyed my poor marigolds?""Can we possibly go inside to talk about it a little more if you don't mind?""Of course, I would love to hear you out sweet heart".
  • "Miss Lottie, I actually came here hoping to find you, I want to apologize to you for destroying your marigolds, the ideal reason i destroyed them was because i was confused and angry and i decided to destroy them out of anger because they were precious to you and you adored them."
  • "The reason I am telling you think now after all these years, is because my husband and i got into an argument and he destroyed something that was precious to me that i adored, just like your marigolds Miss Lottie. I want I apologize for waiting all these years to do so, i hope you can find some way to forgive me."
  • "Aw dear I do as well wish you would've told your side of the story right when it happened, but i am super happy you're owning up, I do forgive you Lizabeth." Miss Lottie said
  • Me and Miss Lottie talked for hours, I am so happy she forgave me for my past actions as a child, me and her are now great friends, I no longer with guilt, I am very grateful