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Updated: 9/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Absolute Location
  • “Houston, Texas is located 29 degrees North, 95 degrees West.”
  • Relative Location
  • “My house is about 15 minutes from the school.”
  • Place
  • “Mount Everest is over 60 million years old.”
  • A places exact point on earth such as latitude and longitude.
  • Region
  • The Southeast part of the United States is different from the Northeast part.
  • A places position when it weighs up to the location of a different place.
  • Movement
  • I have to ride the public bus to get to where I’m wanting to go.
  • Is the physical and humann attributes of a location , such as rivers , mountains, animal plant life, and climate.
  • Human- Environment Interaction
  • If I take down this tree with the sledgehammer that would be a negative way of how I can interact with the environment.
  • An area with ordinary qualities that make it unique from other areas such as United States, cultural, and physical attributes.
  • Is how different things such as information, food, people, animals, and etc go from a place to another and how those things get around.
  • Is how mankind or people treat and change the environment whether it be good or bad.
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