Daniel Romeus Storyboard chapter 5
Updated: 1/16/2020
Daniel Romeus Storyboard chapter 5
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  • Chapter 5Cassie going shopping with Big Ma pg. 52
  • chapter 5 Cassie's Apologize to Lillian Jean pg. 65
  • What you did to me before we met was not nice!
  • I know but, I am really sorry!!!
  • chapter 5 Mom Great Advicep8.78
  • I met Lillian Jean at the park and said sorry to her about the incident
  • That's Great sweetie
  • Cassie was with Big Ma shopping at strawberry to get some groceries at the Market with Uncle hammer on his new car
  • chapter 6 Cassie being mistreated pg.78
  • Lillie was forcing cassie to say sorry to her when cassie already sad sorry but, Lillie was pressuring her
  • Chapter 6 Cassie back at home pg.89 Cassie is angry
  • Yet Lillie and cassie were still arguing about the issue on bumping into Lille
  • Chapter 6 Uncle Hammer on his way homepg. 102
  • When Cassie, T.J., Stacy and Big Ma went to Strawberry they ran into the Simms'. Cassie accidentally bumped into Lillian Jean Simms and didn't apologize. Mr. Simms then pushed Cassie off of the sidewalk when she didn't do what Lillian Jean demanded of her. This is important because it shows how Mr. Simms racially and physically hurt Cassie
  • When my gal Lillian Jean says for you to get Yosef off the sidewalk, you get, you hear
  • Back at home, Cassie is angry. Stacey tries to explain that Big Ma had no choice: she had to make Cassie apologize. They argue, and then they see a strange car in their barn.
  • Your going to apologize to that young girl young lady
  • That's not fair it was her fault
  • Cassie's uncle came to visit Mississippi for a few weeks. Uncle Hammer is a very protective and independent person, so when he gets himself into racial conflict he has to stand up for himself since he is black. In this scene Uncle Hammer was driving on a one way bridge when he drove past the Wallace's, a white family This is important because black people are supposed to let the white people go across the bridge first
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