Lizebeth gets robed

Updated: 8/30/2021
Lizebeth gets robed

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  • YES
  • im so sorry for taking what you love.
  • its alright they were to yellow anyways
  • One day Lizibeth was on her way home from work when she decided to cross through an alleyway and try to get home faster. But when she did she ran into some one that ended up stealing her purse full of all the cash she needed to pay for her rent.
  • This hard event in her life reminded her of when she took something from miss Lottie, the marigolds. This sparked her to go and apologize about what she did as a kid because now she knew what i was like to have something taken from you.
  • After talking for awhile, lizibith went on to tell miss Lottie about why she destroys the marigolds and the reasons was because she was lost and the out of place flowers reminded her to much of her out of place life. lizibeth told her that seeing how her purse was taken from her made her remember how she had taken the beautiful flowers from her. once she apologized they were now friends and went on their separate ways.